London-based Caribbean kitchen and takeaway, Juici Jerk is the first to launch UK-wide deliveries of its home cooking kits offering restaurant-quality ingredients, inspired by a modern fusion of British-West Indian cuisine. 

With the UK in a third national lockdown, Juici Jerk’s DIY meal kits are perfect for those who want to try Caribbean cooking whilst at home but are unsure about ingredients or traditional culinary techniques. Juici Jerk’s dishes are a modern and fresh take on Caribbean classics with an urban twist, giving people the ultimate comfort food during the cold weather. 

Even when restaurants reopen, the prospect of dining out for many seems daunting. Juici Jerk has designed fun, simple and easy-to-follow home meal kits to enable anyone to recreate authentic Caribbean dishes from the comfort of their home. All ingredients in its kits are freshly prepared by Juici Jerk’s in-house kitchen team.

The meal kits will give households an authentic taste of the Caribbean, transporting their taste buds to the Islands, at great value for money. Each box has sustainable packaging with no single use plastic and comes with Juici Jerk’s ‘Island Vibes’ Spotify playlist. 
Juici Jerk offers meal kits to feed up to five people, with prices starting at £30 for ‘The Juici Jerk’ which covers meals for two to three people and £60 for ‘The Kingston Platter’ feeding between four and five people. Both boxes are available Halal and contain a diverse range of Caribbean cooking ingredients including pre-marinated meat, classic sundries such as plantain and festival dough, homemade sauces, and fresh fruit and vegetables. 

A Black-owned, family business, Juici Jerk was founded by two brothers, Troy and Jarrell Johnson who were born and raised in Tooting, South London. The duo took traditional Caribbean recipes from their family home and added their own spin, inspired by their own British background to create a new age of Caribbean cuisine, combining a British and West-Indian heritage.

Director of Juici Jerk, Troy Johnson says:

“Eating amongst friends and family is a massive part of our tradition and food in general is what brings our whole family together. With the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, many families have been unable to dine together so that’s why we have launched our cook at home DIY kits – to bring traditional elements of our culture to people all round the UK, giving them a taste of our West Indian heritage and flavours they can usually only find at their favourite Caribbean restaurants.”

The Juici Jerk DIY Kits are available for nationwide delivery

To get your fortnightly fix of Caribbean flavours, check out the website for the next delivery window and you can also get 20% off your first DIY meal kit.