JAM Sound Turntable
JAM Sound Turntable

An all-in-one record player, all you need is to dist off the old record!

The record player is unbelievable value for the less than £80! New customers can even claim 10% off on https://uk.jamaudio.com/sound-turntable

This turntable comes equipped with RCA output that allows you to grow the party to an external speaker. The system also offers an aux-in that provides you with the ability to play music through other devices, and 3 different speeds suitable for 33 ¹/₃, 45, 78 RPM records.



Jam realise you won’t be using the device every day, so it comes equipped with a clear dust cover. The wooden exterior allows for seamless integration into any living room or entertaining space.

Full Specs 

Type: Belt drive, auto stop

Motor: DC servo-controlled

Number of speakers: 2

Speaker power: 2 x 1.5W

Driver size: 52mm

Frequency response: 150HZ-15kHZ

Connection: RAC output, AUX-in

3 speeds: Suitable for 33 ¹/₃, 45 or 78rpm


A truly great product from JAM for anyone wanting to rekindle their love for vinyl but not wanting to break the bank. Available in 2 colourways on https://uk.jamaudio.com/sound-turntable