Introducing Selekt DSM
Introducing Selekt DSM

Hi-fi with the human touch.

Music streaming pioneer, Linn, today announces the launch of Selekt DSM, an all-new Linn network music player that promises to bring the feeling back to digital audio.  Delivering a tactile and beautiful musical experience, Selekt DSM will make any system sound better and help you fall in love with music all over again.

Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn Managing Director said

We love the clarity of digital music, but we also love the tactility of physical records. It’s easy to feel we’ve lost touch with the immersive experience of playing a vinyl record – the LP selection, the lift-lower, the anticipation during those first pops and clicks – and that playing music requires only a swipe and a tap.

Selekt DSM revolutionises our physical interaction with digital music; every aspect is precision engineered for a tactile and enriched listening experience.

Bringing the feeling back 

Selekt DSM’s jewel-like dial and smart buttons are ready to be personalised to your wishes, providing instant access to your favourite music by making it possible to operate the product without the need for an app. The glass dial begins to glow when approached and turns with watch-like precision in response to a touch. The customisable smart buttons, which have been crafted to feel like piano keys, respond instantly with the detailed music information appearing on the onyx-black OLED display.

The best for every music lover

Available through Linn Specialists, Selekt DSM fits with any system. It’s available as a dedicated streaming source to drive any separates system, or you can include an integrated amplifier to streamline your system: just add speakers.

Either way, there’s an option to push the performance even further with Katalyst, Linn’s cutting-edge DAC architecture.

Selekt DSM’s on-board pre-amplifier enables all sources to be connected, including a turntable, for better sound, instantly.

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Sound uniquely tailored for you

Selekt DSM includes the new version of Linn’s ground-breaking Space Optimisation technology. Space Optimisation uses Linn’s unique digital signal processing to ensure you get the best possible sound from any Linn DSM network music player, removing the distorting effects of your room.

Now everyone can place their speakers exactly where they want them and still enjoy the best performance possible.

Beauty you can hear

Selekt DSM is as stunning to look at as it is to listen to. Every element is precision engineered for the most authentic musical performance possible.

Machined vents flow across the sleeve, tracing a path along the heat sources for natural cooling. Chromed feet anchor it to the shelf, with a plaque celebrating its unique origin: every Selekt DSM is handbuilt with pride in the Linn factory in Glasgow.

Products and pricing

Selekt DSM is modular and upgradeable, designed to allow a customer to configure exactly what is important to them based on how it will be used in their home.

 The below configurations are selected at the point of purchase or can be upgraded to at a later date, enhancing performance or function, or both.

Selekt DSM £4000
Selekt DSM with integrated power amp £5250
Selekt DSM with Katalyst £5500
Selekt DSM with integrated amp and Katalyst £6750

Upgrades come in the form of removable cartridges so that a Linn Specialist can carry out an upgrade in a customer’s home quickly and simply.

Selekt DSM is available in black finish.


Selekt DSM is available through Linn Specialists worldwide. To find out more, to book a listening session or attend a launch event, visit the Linn website: