House of Holland X Vype collection of skins for the Vype ePen 3
House of Holland X Vype collection of skins for the Vype ePen 3

Fashion meets the vaping world.

Bursting on the scene is the new Vype e pen 3. Easily the best looking vape available to date.


The designs include two neon devices – a bright yellow and a bold pink. There are a mint and chocolate stripe and a vibrant pink, purple and orange. There’s also a monochrome, black and white design, using the new House of Holland logo as a pattern. This is our favourite, and also the one we reviewed.

As far as the collaboration goes, it’s your standard e pen 3 wrapped in a skin with your preferred design. A far cry from wrapping your 18650’s, however, not too dissimilar from the unofficial wraps available online for other devices. The stand out for us here is the quality of the wrap and the feel.

However, if you’re not too keen on the designs, Vype excel in their standard range of this vape with a great feeling “rubbery” type grip. Probably the best feeling vape we’ve tested.

Another great plus for Vype is their convenience, they’re available in almost every convenience store and supermarket. However, if you’re not a high nicotine vaper, you’ll be better off ordering online as stores tend to strangely just stock very high mg nicotine strengths. If you’re a smoker and new to vaping start off on 6mg nicotine, 12mg ill just put you off vaping.

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Don’t expect “fat clouds, bro” this device is an MTL which mimics smoking a cigarette, vapour production is minimal and discreet. Charged by a micro USB, it’s easy to find a spare charger if you run out on-the-go another great plus for Vype compared to the Juul’s annoying magnetic charger.

The flavours are pretty decent, a stand out is the black cherry, not quite there to be an ADV but still enjoyable. Obviously, I’m going to compare this to Juul juice, and for me, the Juul wins. I’m not the biggest fan of the Juul but their juice is amazing. Vype needs to switch from freebase to salts in order for us to have this as an ADV.  You can tell the flavours are there, but the nicotine gets in the way.

All in all a great device, we passe done onto a heavy smoker in the office, who now solely vapes Vype each day and has been off cigarettes for 2 weeks. This alone proves the Vype is a great product and works as intended. Once the device has the juice to match, it will be an outstanding machine.

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