HAAN offers trendy, portable hydrating hand sanitisers, called HAAN Pockets, perfect for keeping hands moisturised and clean throughout the day. These 100% recyclable spray bottles are travel-size, so you can take wherever you go, guaranteeing more than 100 uses per bottle; distributed exclusively by Beyond Living and available to purchase at www.beyondliving.co.uk, as well as retailers throughout the UK.

With HAAN’s unique, natural formula, a single spray will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on your skin. More importantly, their formula is triclosan and parabens-free, ridding you from potentially damaging your skin with toxic ingredients. Not only do HAAN Pockets clean your hands, but their fast-absorbing, non-stick sprays also contain aloe vera, enhancing the softness of your skin.


HAAN’s high end fragrance collection of hand sanitisers, Day Moods, contains five fresh and pleasant scents to remind you of different times of the day. Scents include: Sunset Fleur, Citrus Noon, Dew of Dawn, Morning Glory, and Wood Night; available individually for £5.95, packs of three for £17.50, and packs of five for £28.50. 


Putting social commitment first, the brand aims to raise awareness about the water crisis. HAAN partners with NGO, Active Africa, donating 20% of their profits to fund water projects in developing countries. More specifically, HAAN supports the drilling of safe water wells in small communities in Africa, which means better health conditions, access to education and economic development. When you purchase a HAAN Pocket, you become a ‘Water Creator’, helping to provide 134 litres of clean water for those smaller communities in need.

Oliver Zissman, Founder of Beyond Living says, “HAAN was an obvious brand for us to work with. Very unique in their field, design led branding, a great story behind them and passionate founders – all the points we look for when taking on a brand for distribution.”

HAAN is continually innovating their products and can expect to release a refillable hand sanitiser spray in Fall 2020. For more information and purchase options, visit www.beyondliving.co.uk