Groov-E – Light Curve
Groov-E – Light Curve

Ease into the darker mornings with the Light Curve

Groov-e, a leading UK tech brand, today launches the Light Curve, a feature-packed wake-up light and alarm clock. Designed to combat the sudden, startling awakening of a regular alarm clock, the Light Curve wakes sleepy heads with a natural, gradually brightening light that will help them feel calmer yet refreshed, alert and energised all day. The Light Curve is available now for £39.99 from

The Light Curve is perfect for those who struggle to get up in the mornings, especially during the winter when it’s cold and dark outside. Mimicking natural daylight, the Light Curve gets brighter over a course of 30 minutes until it’s at the optimum level to rouse users from their slumber. In conjunction with the sunrise, users also have the option to switch on one of eight alarm sounds or an FM radio station if they need a bit more encouragement to get out of bed.

Additionally, for those who have trouble going to sleep, the sunset stimulation can also mimic the end of daylight, gradually dimming over a period of time to help users relax and get ready for the land of nod. For those who like to read or need the light on darker mornings to get ready, the Light Curve has 10 levels of brightness using its LED lamp. It also features seven coloured mood lighting options making it ideal for anyone who wants to create more of an atmosphere. Controlled by touch, the Light Curve is easy to set up and adjust.

Kunal Patel, Director, Groov-e said:

We’re really excited to add the Light Curve to our range and just in time for winter when it becomes even harder to get out of bed. There are so many health benefits to using light to gradually wake you not least boosting energy and mood. With the Light Curve, we’re giving people a good start to their day, even those who aren’t morning people.


The Light Curve is £39.99 and available from