For fans of the vintage style aesthetic who don’t want to compromise on audio quality, there is one obvious choice for your next headphones and that is the Grado SR325x Prestige Series. These effortlessly cool and accomplished headphones offer unparalleled sound quality courtesy of the 4th Gen Grado drivers.


The Grado SR325x Prestige Series Headphones are a bargain at just $295 and the quality of both the materials used in their crafting and the calibre of the audio performance really is second to none. With its metal housing, the SR325x brings surgical precision to your favourite playlists that you won’t find in the rest of the Prestige Series from Grado so this is one for those who truly want to hear their music as the artist intended.

Superior Sound Quality

Some of the most impressive features of a Grado driver which make these SR325x Prestige Series Headphones sound so good are the clarity and range, revealing new notes and details in songs heard hundreds of times before. With superlative tonal balance, dynamics, imaging, and realism, the SR325x lays out an exceptionally detailed audio experience that will be quite unlike anything you’ve heard before. 

Along with the speakers, the cables and headband have been redesigned for the SR325x Prestige Series Headphones from Grado ($295). Housed in a more robust exterior, the now super annealed copper 8-conductor cable reveals even more of your music with enhanced purity. The new leather headband boasts white stitching which is exclusive to the SR325x in the Prestige Series.

Each pair of SR325x headphones is hand-crafted by Grado’s team in Brooklyn. This headphone goes from workbench to workbench until it’s ready for your listening pleasure. Grado started building on a kitchen table in 1953, and every experience since then has led to the creation of the SR325x. Superior sound and unparalleled aesthetics – what’s not to like?