Fonesalesman QiStone2
Fonesalesman QiStone2

A great feeling and powerful wireless portable charger. Perfect for festivals.

With the latest Fonesalesman QiStone2 you can leave the wires at home and not worry about what percent you’re on. However, the practicality is superseded by the look and feel of this gorgeous charger.

The tiny size and large battery are very attractive components of the FoneSalesman. Measuring a mere 105 x 72 x 20mm, and weighing in at 135g, the QiStone+ has casing that is curved like an actual stone, but it’s textured coating allows you to grip it withe ease so it stays in your hand. It feels like brushing your hand over a snooker table, nice.

Double up on your charging power too! QiStone+ capacity is 4000 mAh, which can keep your devices topped up all day long. It is built with sharing in mind – charge one of the devices wirelessly, and another via USB port simultaneously.

Compatible with: 

Any Qi-compatible devices for wireless charging, and any USB chargeable device for wired charging.

Technical Specifications:

  • Turns to ‘Sleep Mode’ after 90 seconds of inactivity
  • Wireless Charging Distance: 4-6mm
  • Wireless Charging Efficiency: 74.6%
  • Battery type: Li-ion Polymer battery
  • Battery capacity: 8000mAh
  • Output: 5V / >3A USB type-C
  • 1x micro-USB, 1x USB-A, 1x USB type-C
  • Weight: 135 g
  • Dimensions: 130 x 75 x 25mm

Available at a bargain £24.99 now