Days Gone – Global Pandemic
Days Gone – Global Pandemic

is More Likely to Cause an Apocalypse Than Climate Change

PlayStation has developed a report predicting that the biggest threat to human life is, in fact, a global pandemic as opposed to climate change. Inspired by the launch of Days Gone on PS4, an open-world adventure game set in post-apocalyptic Oregon, the report was developed with Professor Lewis Dartnell, University of Westminster, and author of ‘The Knowledge: How To Rebuild Our World After An Apocalypse’.

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The key findings from the report were:

  • Possible causes of an apocalypse would be a Global Pandemic, followed by Climate Change, Coronal mass ejection (the sun ‘spitting out’ matter), a super-volcano or an asteroid strike.
  • If 20% of the world’s population contracted a lethal illness simultaneously, vital services and infrastructure could collapse, with agriculture and transport being the most affected.
  • Humans are progressively losing one of our greatest weapons in the fight against germs, misusing antibiotics in agriculture and over-prescribing to patients. This is creating a growing problem of antibiotic resistance within infections such as pneumonia and tuberculosis.
  • Climate change could occur at such a rate that our infrastructure may struggle to adapt to higher temperatures and lack of access to fresh water, causing civilisation to collapse.
  • Motorbikes are the most effective form of transport should an apocalypse happen, due to fuel efficiencies and manoeuvrability.

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As well as looking into the most likely causes of the apocalypse, PlayStation and Professor Dartnell have provided five tips on how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

  • Be wary of strangers: With the evaporation of government, police and courts, there will be no top-down organisation to maintain law and order.  People would need to watch their backs very closely and choose carefully who they trust.
  • Leave the cities: Modern urbanized areas simply won’t be habitable once the technological bubble that supports them collapse. A coastal region near a large wood will offer you access to a wide range of natural resources, with Formby, Merseyside and the North Norfolk coastline the most well equipped in the UK.
  • Travel: After the apocalypse, you’ll need to make your own fuel – rendered animal fat or plant oil reacted with methanol (wood alcohol, distilled from heated timber) and lye (made by reacting soda with quicklime from roasted chalk or limestone) produces biodiesel.
  • Fire would be a valuable commodity: Chapstick, Vaseline and hairspray are all great for helping get a fire started.
  • Everyday items can help: An tampon also makes an ideal emergency dressing to stop a wound bleeding, which can be disinfected with alcohol such as vodka, and sealed with superglue

Professor Lewis Dartnell, said: “An actual apocalypse is thankfully very unlikely, but the notion of the loss of everything that we take for granted today is a really good way of thinking about all we have to be grateful for in our modern lives. And games like Days Gone are a superb way of exploring this.”

Days Gone is availabel to buy now 

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