Cowboy’s smart electric bike rides into the UK
Cowboy’s smart electric bike rides into the UK

The next-generation connected electric bike offers an app-enabled ride

The lightweight frame and removable battery provide easy charging and mobility

No gears offer an intuitive riding experience

Today, Belgian start-up Cowboy, officially launches its award-winning connected smart bike in the UK. Cowboy offers riders a new smart cycling experience as it merges tech, automatic assistance and fine design together. 

With traffic congestion plaguing urban areas across the UK and targets to reduce emissions in place, electric bikes are proving to be the fastest means of transportation, whilst also creating a low carbon footprint. Cowboy’s vision is to elevate the daily commute to the next level in terms of speed, comfort and freedom of movement around towns and cities. 

Cowboy was founded in Brussels in 2017 and to date has raised 13.2 million EUR from international investors (including Index Ventures, Tiger Global and Hardware Club) in the Series A round in autumn 2018 and quickly sold out its entire stock of bikes in Belgium last year. This year, the company expanded into Germany, France, Holland and Austria and is now launching in the UK, Spain and Italy. 

The ultimate urban commuter Cowboy enhances the riding experience by unifying intelligent technology, fine design and the best ride possible. Offering riders a sustainable means of transport, the Cowboy bike is available in the UK now for RRP £1790 from  

Design meets tech 

Cowboy was designed to embody the founders’ vision of a sleek, light and agile bike, using high-quality components and customised assembly. With its clean design the bike weighs just 16 kg making it easy for users to move around as needed. 

For added convenience Cowboy comes with a light and compact removable battery with a range of up to 70 km. This portable battery function eliminates the pain of taking the whole bike into the home or office to charge it up for its next use. 

The bike defies the traditional design by removing the gears with Cowboy intuitively reacting to the riders’ needs. From the moment they begin to pedal, the automatic motor assistance senses when the rider needs more power and adjusts accordingly, without the need to switch gears. The integrated front and back lights illuminate the path for safety, with back lights flashing while decelerating/and or braking.  

Cowboy’s custom mudguards allows users to enjoy riding even in the rain, without compromising on the fine design of the bike. Engineered to ensure that riders can keep clean and dry in the wet weather these rugged, aluminum made, matte black finish mudguards were designed using Cowboy users’ suggestions and feedback.

Full connectivity

The bike is controlled via the Cowboy app which is available for iOS and Android and uses Bluetooth to provide the owner with a safe digital key to activate the bike. A live dashboard keeps the rider informed of the status of the ride in terms of speed, duration, distance and battery level. The app also allows users to turn the front light on and off and has an integrated navigation system. If the bike is stolen, the ‘Find My Bike’ function in the app helps to locate it via GPS thanks to the built-in SIM card.

By pairing smart design and innovative tech Cowboy follows the basic principle of making the daily journey as comfortable and intuitive as possible for the rider.

“We started Cowboy with the vision to build the most exciting bike for the urban commute,” Adrien Roose comments. “By eliminating the three main hurdles associated with electric bikes – high cost, poor design and redundant technology – we want to make electric bikes a practical and mainstream mode of transport. We feel our price-value proposition best delivers on the unmet needs of our target audience: urban dwellers who want freedom from the constraints and stress associated with the daily commute. As of 31st October 2019 we have seen 3,029,309 kilometres ridden on Cowboy bikes”.


The Cowboy connected electric bike is available now from priced at £1790 with delivery within seven days. Test rides will be available in London from launch as well as a network of service centres where maintenance and repairs can be carried out. The focal point of the Cowboy bike is the user experience enabled by technology at every step, from purchasing and riding the bike to customer support and service.