Award-winning contemporary Indian restaurant, Copper Chimney, is an ode to secret recipes and cooking techniques from across Undivided North India. Founded by JK Kapur in 1972 in erstwhile Bombay, Copper Chimney serves up a vast selection of signature Indian dishes, flavours and ingredients.

Copper Chimney’s award-winning flavours & dishes have been loved by millions of guests since 1972. With influences from Undivided India, from Peshawar in the North West to India’s food capital, Delhi, Copper Chimney has been bringing together fresh made-to-order cooking, high quality produce, and its secret recipes to millions of guests since its inception.

The Copper Chimney brand promise is “Indian Food, Made Unforgettable.” No compromises on quality, products, ingredients and flavours. Each Curry is made from scratch; each grill is marinated for multiple hours before making it onto each plate; each lentil is slow-cooked; each biryani rice is individually layered with the best basmati rice, and each bread is hand-made, carrying forward our founder, Mr JK Kapur’s passion and promise of fresh Indian cooking of the highest quality.

Even today, each signature dish is prepared with Copper Chimney’s original secret spice mixes that have been carried forward over the past 3 generations.

During the Partition of India in 1947, Mr JK Kapur migrated to Bombay from modern-day Pakistan. He always wanted to share with the city the culinary experience reminiscent of his years growing up near the North-West Frontier Province.

Copper Chimney - Halal Food Guy

In November 1972, 25 years after he first landed in this new city, his love for the food took shape as the first Copper Chimney in the heart of Bombay.

Every detail, from the even heating of custom clay ovens to the creation of distinctive spice blends showcases the skills of our ‘Ustads’, our trained master chefs who were trained under JK Kapur and have perfected over the years, the art of preparing and presenting dishes that are simply unforgettable.

Over the past 4 decades, Copper Chimney has taken millions of guests on a culinary journey exploring and celebrating Indian cuisine, culture, and flavours.

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The restaurant provides a memorable dining experience to treat your partner or loved ones. Guests can choose from appetizers, a selection of tandoor grills, an array of meat and veggie curries, a choice of sides, bread and rice and a dessert to top off their meal. What’s more, the restaurant has a wide range of cocktails to accompany their meal.