Interior design is something that we’re keen on here and we’re forever on the hunt for new accessories and design pieces that will ramp up the style of our walls and that led us squarely to the door of Cloudnola and their awesome looking Flipping Out Flip Clocks. Boasting a striking, vintage style that is reminiscent of the sort of timepieces you’d see in a railway station, we’re loving the aesthetic of these clocks and they are available in a number of different styles to suit your own interior design endeavours.

The Cloudnola Flipping Out Flip Clocks are priced at a thoroughly reasonable $115 which considering the visual impact that they boast and the great design and build represents excellent value for money. These classy clocks are available in Black, Grey, White and BonB colours and you’ll really bring your walls to life with a vintage edge if you add one to your home or office.

Cool Contemporary Designs

Cloudnola s a lifestyle brand for the stylish, contemporary household.  They are based out of Holland and they incorporate current home deco styles with fashion trends to deliver to you a different kind of functional art and these Flipping Out Clocks are definitely one of their stand out products in our opinion here 

The Flipping Out Flip Clock Series from Cloudnola ($115) is the epitome of a cool clock and boasts flips that fall as the minutes go by. This flip clock mechanism is simple to admire from all angles and will add an impactful visual to your wall or workspace. There is an old school cool to the look of these clocks which resonates with our sensibilities 

These brilliant looking clocks can be hung on the wall or used as a table, shelve or mantel clock.  This is Cloudnola’s response to a digital wall clock and the flip comes in many combinations of colour – namely, Copper with Gray Flips, Gold with White Flips, Silver with Black Flips, Black on Black inspired by Rob and Big (QPD) and they also have the limited edition, Lux Flipping Out inspired by Renee’s Adidas.

Clocking In

Cloudnola specialise in clocks but have other excellent pieces of interior design that you’ll want to add to your own home or workspace. This includes the likes of doormats, shelves and hooks but, truth be told, it is their fantastic looking Flipping Out Clocks which have well and truly turned our heads here 

Superb style and value for money combines with quality design to make these Cloudnola Flipping Out Clocks a stand out addition to anyone’s home design efforts. Overflowing with old school cool and a compelling visual impact ensures these will turn heads aplenty for all your visitors.