Cellhire – Mifi
Cellhire – Mifi

Portable wi-fi in your pocket, just in time for Japan Rugby World Cup

Connect multiple smartphones, laptops and tablets to the internet as you travel across Japan with a high-speed Japan Data SIM and MiFi device. Take advantage of our huge data bundle to get emails, browse the web and keep up with social media while you’re travelling in Tokyo, Yokohama or Osaka. With no overage, there is no risk of running up a large data roaming bill so you can use the internet like you would at home.

Perfect for the Rugby World Cup! 

Established in 1987. Cellhire is the world leader in global wireless communications, providing clients with international mobile solutions and big savings over roaming coupled with superior coverage. Cellhire’s distinguished list of achievements include winning the Queen’s Award for International enterprise and being ISO 9001 accredited since 1993. Cellhire has ties with many major events that take place around the world including the Cannes Film Festival, Summer and Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, providing short term voice and data solutions to meet our customer’s requirements.

No longer do you have to suffer public wifi – The MiFi works just like a home or office router.  The 4G signal reverts to 3G where there is no 4G signal. Up to 10 people can use it at the same time. Each will have to input the passcode on their phone/tablet/laptop. A MiFi provides a much secure WiFi hotspot than a public/free hotspot and can be much more secure than a hotel hotspot. 

Available now https://www.cellhire.co.uk/