Texas is home to some mighty fine rural countryside so it makes sense to build a contemporary retreat there and that’s exactly what Tim Cuppert Architects have done with the striking and innovative Camp Frio Retreat. This multi-family compound rises from a remote, grassy valley situated on the bank of the Frio River deep in the Texas Hill Country. The goal for this project was to deliver a structure with an environmental experience unique to its place where Summer madness gives way to Winter stillness and it looks like the architects have pulled this off with aplomb.

The Camp Frio Retreat from Tim Cuppert Architects offers a vast 3600ft² of living space where city life and digital stimulation are replaced by the experience of feeling a cool breeze or snuggling up to a warm fire – something that we can definitely get on board with here. The structure is compromised of the main house, a meditation room over art studio/garage, and two guest studio cottages for when the owners have friends and family coming to stay.

Rest & Relaxation

The main house and cottages of the Camp Frio Retreat are linked by a slightly elevated walkway which lets any barefoot kids to run back and forth over the tall grass and the bugs and creepy crawlies found within. Much in the same manner as “Dogtrot” shelters from the past, a “breezeway” bookended by concealed multi-slide doors, bisects the main part of the house and allows for alfresco dining most of the year. Alternatively, the space is zoned and can be enclosed for heating with screened porches, front and back, enveloping the cozy living spaces of the property.

There are secondary sleeping spaces at the Camp Frio Retreat that occupy an attic that spans the rear porch of the main house while cottages feature open “kid’s” lofts. The structures of the retreat were chosen and detailed for simplicity of construction with readily available, local materials which were then fashioned by local tradesmen to give the whole property a sense of local pride and craftsmanship.

With a pleasing rustic look and feel to the interiors of the Camp Frio Retreat, it serves as a wonderfully relaxing space in which to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of city living and we’d definitely love to spend some time doing exactly that here. The architects have done a great job of ensuring the contemporary nature of the design doesn’t look out of place in its rustic setting and the modern nature of the exteriors is expertly balanced by the more traditional interior design style.

Texan Beauty

Located in one of the more rural and remote parts of Texas, the Camp Frio Retreat is perhaps an unusual piece of modern architecture to find in a location like this but it works perfectly and is one of the best designs we’ve seen in a while here. There is a clear attention to detail with the little things and a real desire to make this a welcoming and relaxing space in which to spend time.

If you’ve got a penchant for contemporary architecture like us, this Camp Frio Retreat is sure to be right up your street as well. It has first class features throughout and an impeccable interior design that really plays into its rustic setting. A great looking piece of architecture which admirably showcases the design talents of Tim Cuppert Architects.