Brits can save up to £80 on party wear this season by dry cleaning festive favourites
Brits can save up to £80 on party wear this season by dry cleaning festive favourites

Millennials and Gen Z are more conscious of not spending or buying more than they need and are looking to re-use and maximise the lifespan of items they already own

Ihateironing, the on-demand dry cleaning and laundry service, today reveals that Brits can save up to £80 this Christmas season by dry cleaning holiday favourites rather than buying new. New research* reveals that seven out of ten Brits will spend up to £100 on party wear for Christmas and New Year festivities, while dry cleaning already owned party wear costs just £19.

Consumers are taking steps to ensure the longevity of festive frocks this year. Nearly half (47.75%) of Brits say that their views on buying new clothes has changed in the last 12 months. This is most notable among a younger demographic, with more than two-thirds of Millennial (64%) and Gen Z (63%) consumers reporting their attitudes towards purchasing new attire have refashioned during the year with a move towards more conscious spending. 

A majority of 16-24 year olds cite not wasting money (41%), not buying more than they need (31%), looking to get more use of already owned clothing (25%) and the impact of fast fashion (22%) as the main reasons why their views on buying new clothes have changed. 

However, older consumers’ views remain the same, as nearly half (43%) of 35-44 year olds and more than half (57%) of 45-54 year olds and 55+ year olds (66%) are unchanged.  

When it comes to Brits’ party wear plans this season, there’s a clear generational divide. More than 40% of 16-34 year olds will dry clean known favourites and 37% will shop second-hand only, while nearly two-thirds (63%) of those 35+ are planning to buy new party wear. Rewearing festive favourites or buying new is more popular than renting, as 85% of all shoppers haven’t rented party wear before. 

Matt Connelly, ihateironing founder and CEO said: “It’s great to see that younger consumers are becoming more aware of not buying more than they need when it comes to party wear. In fact, taking a favourite outfit to the dry cleaners for a festive sprucing up can not only save money, but help clothes last longer and minimise the number that are thrown away after only a few wears. 

“Shoppers are becoming more conscious, amid awareness around the impact of fast fashion and not buying more than what’s needed. As this impacts perspective around shopping and clothes ownership, we could see more consumers renting festive wear or purchasing more investment items that have a longer lifespan in future”. 

Party-goers are also looking to maximise the lifespan of party wear. Nearly two-thirds (65%) wear festive favourites 2-9 times each. If it’s in need of repair, consumers will fix it themselves (41%), take it to be repaired by a dry cleaner (19%), donate it to charity (11%) or wear it anyway and hope no one will notice (5%).