Beavertown relaunches its Tempus Project
Beavertown relaunches its Tempus Project

Two new beers bringing the wild to you

Prepare to explore a new type of taste as Beavertown Brewery has launched 2 new beers from its newly relaunched Tempus Barrel project. Inspired by the seasons and created with locally sourced ingredients, The Chariot and The Rule Of Three will take drinkers’ palettes out of the city and back to the wild for a deeper look into what beer could be. 

Harmoniously inspired and timed with the ancient Pagan Wheel of the Year, the new range of Tempus Barrel Project Beers looks to explore uncharted territories of flavour. Reconnecting with nature, it harnesses locally sourced ingredients from fruit, foraged herbs, malt or hops and transforms them using a range of slower brewing techniques. Like the seasons, each beer is unique with some brewed and drunk fresh while others fermented, preserved or transformed over time. From delicate and subtle flavours to rich and earthy tones, the beers will take drinkers’ palettes on an unexpected journey, allowing these delectable drinks to be enjoyed with food or on their own. These two new beers are the first of four regular offerings that will be brewed throughout the year, and a further 8 planned, seasonal, special releases.

The first of the new beers, The Chariot is true to the Tempus Latin meaning of time.  Drunk fresh or left to age it is a 5.6% refreshingly balanced Pilsner, matured in oak barrels for 3-9 months for a full bodied and mouthwatering taste. Bitter yet delicate, its woody barnyard flavours roll over the tongue with each sip feeling like a warm summer’s breeze in these cold winter months.  

The Rule of Three is a 5.8% Mixed fermentation Saison, brewed in multiple barrels and blended to create a beer that keeps on giving. A delicate blend wrapped in a floral brew, each taste unwraps new flavour nuances from orchard fruit to sourdough. 

Logan Plant, Founder and CEO states “Tempus has been a passion project for us for a while, we’re relaunching it alongside 2 new tantalising beers to reach a different audience of people who are conscious about the planet and how their drinks and food is sourced. We’re hoping when each beer is sipped that people take their time with drinking it, carefully pairing it with their food. For us, this experience is about digging a little bit deeper into what the drinking experience can be.” 

Each 375ml beer is available online from the Beavertown Brewery Webshop from Tuesday 8th December. 

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