Beavertown Brewery announces the launch of its ‘out of this world’ brand new lager, Bones
Beavertown Brewery announces the launch of its ‘out of this world’ brand new lager, Bones

Billed as “Dead Refreshing. Dead Crisp. Dead Good”, Bones will crash-land into UK pubs and venues from August

Beavertown Brewery has today announced the launch of a brand new lager, Bones. Crisp and super refreshing, Bones is a perfectly balanced addition to Beavertown’s core range, and will be available on both draught and in 330ml cans from 2nd August.
As the biggest beer style in the world and the bones of British drinking culture, it only made sense for Beavertown to try its hand at making its own. Voted Brewer of the Year in 2020*, Beavertown has taken its time to perfect this new beer, and has used the skills honed from making some of its most iconic beers to create this brand new ‘Dead Refreshing. Dead Crisp. Dead Good’ lager.
At its core, Bones is a simple and immensely drinkable 4.4% lager with a touch of Beavertown cosmic magic sprinkled on for good measure. Expertly crafted to deliver a fresh taste, Bones is perfect for sipping in the park on a sunny day, sharing with mates at the pub or fuelling the football on match day. It’s a modern classic which will hit the spot from the first pint, to the last.
It’s no secret that punters often try to get away with stealing Beavertown’s iconic glassware from pubs, and that’s for a reason – it’s super cool. In true Beavertown style, Bones will have its very own set of coveted glassware and merch including tees, cool bags and pin badges, designed by the mastermind behind Beavertown’s iconic designs, Creative Director Nick Dwyer. The glasses and merch will be available from the Beavertown webshop, or you, ahem, could take your chances in the pub.
On the inspiration behind the design, Nick commented: “The bones skeleton character is, just like lager as a style, an omnipresent being, intended to represent the beginning of the Beavertown visual journey. There are subtle nods to other designs littered through the can to indicate Bones had some part in bringing them into the universe like some sort of deity or creator. The story will continue to evolve and tangle its timeline with our other main characters.”
Logan Plant, Beavertown Brewery founder said: “When done right. Lager is the nectar of the Gods. I wanted Bones to complement our much loved Neck Oil and to give the lager drinkers out there an opportunity to engage with the excellence of Beavertown in an accessible way. Bones is going to be a refreshing introduction to the existing category of lager. We’ve been working on our first lager for 5 years and we can’t wait for the public to take their first sip.”
Beavertown’s Bones will be available across the UK in pubs including Youngs, Frontier, Star Pubs & Bars and Market Taverns as well as via the Beavertown webshop for £2 per 330ml. You can also find Bones in select independent stores across the UK. Find your nearest Bones stockist here.

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