Not all motorcycle workshops were created equal and some were definitely destined for greatness. Bandit9 are certainly one such workshop and they consistently showcase their greatness credentials with amazing releases like this EVE LUX Motorcycle which, quite frankly, looks like it has been handpicked straight out of a sci-fi movie. Stunningly sleek and aesthetically unparalleled, the EVE LUX is quite unlike any bike we’ve encountered here and we love it all the more for it.

We’ve featured the steeds of Bandit9 a few times here on the pages and they never cease to amaze us with their desire to create motorbikes which are quite unlike anything else on the market. The Bandit9 EVE LUX Motorbike takes this to a whole new level and this futuristic looking machine is going to turn heads aplenty. It is a limited edition offering (as you might expect from such an extraordinary looking bike) and has a thoroughly reasonable price tag of $10,950 and it is available for pre-ordering now.

Luxury & Liberty

There is such an eye-catching visual impact to the EVE LUX Motorcycle from Bandit9 that it’s impossible to take your eyes off it. It has been designed and made in collaboration with Lane Crawford and this majestic looking machine is the ideal choice for any man who really wants to make their mark with their choice of transportation in 2020. It definitely sits high on the luxury end of the spectrum and it will be the pride and joy of any motorcycle collection.

Exclusively designed for luxury house, Lane Crawford Hong Kong, the Bandit9 EVE LUX Motorbike stands alongside the world’s most iconic brands from Alexander McQueen to Valentino and it is sure to sell out fast considering the fact only nine of these bikes will be made – so, long story short, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, make sure you move quickly because this stunning steed won’t be on the shelves for long.

This glorious looking bike is divine by design and has a silhouette unlike any other bike you’re likely to have seen. The Bandit9 EVE LUX Motorbike is singular, disruptive and unapologetic in nature and it delivers an impeccable performance both in terms of its capabilities on the road and in turning heads everywhere you go.

Perfect Performance

With the EVE LUX Motorbike from Bandit9 you can ride it as a semi-automatic or full manual which gives you much more freedom to explore your surroundings at your own pace and to suit your riding style. It’s a shift up, shift down bike with no clutch and it has been purpose built to get you in the moment by getting out of the way.

The $10,950 price tag for the EVE LUX Motorcycle is pretty attractive given its sheer uniqueness and the quality of the craftsmanship that has gone into the build from Bandit9. It has a top speed of 110KPH and the stainless steel tank with black, chrome and gold trim truly is a sight to behold. With only nine being made available for purchase, we’re in little doubt that these won’t be on the shelves for much longer