Balans leads hard seltzer drinks trend in UK
Balans leads hard seltzer drinks trend in UK

Balans has landed, introducing the ‘Aqua Spritz’ drinks category to the UK - also known to those across the pond as the hard seltzer. It is best described as alcohol infused sparkling water with a subtle fruity flavour and is now available in the form of Balans, offering the lowest calorie alcoholic beverage on the market

Balans has pioneered the UK’s latest hard seltzer drinks trend and with 210% growth in the USA, this summer has been hailed as ‘the summer of the hard seltzer’. The category has captured interest from millennials as a low calorie, vegan-friendly and gluten-free lighter alternative than what’s currently available on the market.

Available in two natural flavours, Mandarin and Lime, Balans is the lowest calorie alcoholic beverage on the market in the UK. The alcohol is naturally formed from apples, fermented and filtered to ensure no additives or artificial flavours are present; and to the delight of the balance-seekers out there, results in a low-calorie alcohol base. 

At only 60 calories or less per 250ml can, but maintaining a 4% ABV content, Balans is a great choice for people who are looking for an alternative to traditional lower calorie drinks such as vodka, lime & soda. 

Whether it’s watching your calories ahead of a summer holiday, keeping up with fitness goals, searching for those elusive abs or feeling confident in that dress, looking good and feeling great has never been more important. The choices we make about what we eat and drink have a big impact on us achieving our lifestyle goals. Enter Balans, which can be enjoyed whenever – and the best part is you don’t have to feel the guilt.

Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing, commented,

Balans is the Swedish word for Balance and we wanted to create a drink and brand that embodied that philosophy. We want Balans drinkers to embrace every opportunity. Whether it’s grabbing a drink on the go, pre-drinks before a club night or on the way to a festival, Balans is the guilt-free and refreshing way to enjoy every occasion. We invite everyone to join the movement and not miss out this summer.”

Give your summer some balance with Balans

Balans is available on-the-go and in ready-to-drink 250ml single cans and you can find both flavours in Asda and Tesco stores nationwide.