Retiring to a villa in verdant surroundings is a real dream of ours here and we’re doing our scouting work early in terms of possible locations. Whilst this mesmerising Art Villa is well outside our budget, it doesn’t hurt to dream and it is located in some stunning Costa Rican jungle for a breathtaking setting for rest and relaxation.

Designed by Czech studio Refuel Works, who took their design cues from buildings by Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha to create this incredible concrete villa which can be found nestled into the jungle in Costa Rica. Art Villa is an extensive property that consists of rentable houses, which includes a residence with a green roof and a multifunctional pavilion.

Joyous Jungle Setting

Refuel Works, headed up by Jan Skoupý and Zbyněk Ryška, worked alongside architecture firm Formafatal to complete the 570-square-metre rentable residence of Art Villa and it creates an unparalleled visual impact upon arrival. The architects designed the two-storey structure as a reference to the tropical landscape and buildings by Mendes da Rocha, which are known for their monolithic concrete forms.

Stunning design inside and out, Art Villa by Refuel Works consists of two horizontal concrete slabs which form the home’s flat roof and wraparound terrace that provides glorious jungle views. A huge concrete block that contains the property’s swimming pool juts out from the house extending over the sloping site in a spectacular addition to the overall aesthetic impact of the villa.

Each of the facades of Art Villa is fronted with vast glass doors that open to a wood deck that wraps around the exterior of the villa. All of the concrete walls have been left in their original state to enhance the other natural elements witnessed in the design, such as plants and water. The concrete walls have been left deliberately raw, and compliment the interior elements, selected materials, water, and greenery – which come together to provide an unusual environment, which is simultaneously robust and luxurious.

Exceptional Interiors

The top floor of Art Villa from Refuel Works is where you’ll find the living areas, kitchen, five bedrooms and direct access to the swimming pool, while the lower level is occupied by recreational spaces, which includes a gym playroom, and array of utility rooms. Truly contemporary in design and execution, Art Villa is right up our street here.

Polished concrete is used to cover the floors in the main living spaces of Art Villa in Costa Rica and mismatched ornamental cement tiles from Nicaragua have been deployed in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Crisscrossing track lights from Wac Lighting are set out across the concrete ceilings in the interiors and in the foyer of the house, you’ll find a shallow circular reflecting pond and positioned above the water feature is a round black and white with ripple-like pattern across its face.