My Arcade – Desktop Arcade Machines!
My Arcade – Desktop Arcade Machines!

Possible the most fun we've had all month in the office! The miniature machines are great for all ages and couldn't be any easier to play/set up.

With loads of smash hit titles to choose from, your spoilt for choice. The set includes arguably the worlds most popular game (no, not Fortnite) Pac Man!

My Arcade has done an exceptional job with their Micro Player Arcade line. The small cabinets are beautiful and stand a mere 6 inches in height! Thankfully, My Arcade has updated the arcade cabinet design with a very modern, crystal clear display.

They have even replicated the artwork on the small cabinet shell.  It has all the looks of the classic cab but without the need to put money in the system! As far as power goes, the Micro Player Arcade runs on 4 AA batteries or a micro-USB cable in the back.

You can also find a volume control back there along with a headset port in case you want to play and not disturb anyone around you. The on and off button is cleverly disguised as the coin insert door in the case, with the two red insert coin squares!

The best thing about these arcade games is the fact they’re £29.99! An absolute bargain for the quality and fun you’re receiving. They look much more expensive and will make great additions to any gamers set up or shelf.

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