Appleton Estate: Crafted with Joy
Appleton Estate: Crafted with Joy

Experience the joy and energy of Jamaica through a celebration of craft

Appleton Estate’s curated workshop series, Crafted with Joy, returns this October with three new sessions featuring dedicated artisans, Blenheim Forge, Earl of East London and Grain & Knot, each chosen for the passion they possess for their craft. The series is all about enriching experiences; learning skills from inspiring creators while discovering the pleasure of Appleton Estate – the premium Jamaican rum – in a cocktail-making masterclass.

Joy is right at the heart of Jamaican culture, and that includes Appleton Estate. Enjoyment, energy and care go into the rum-making craft at the Estate, and the distillation, ageing and blending of this premium spirit is carried out with rare skill and finesse. This same passion is reflected in the character of the exciting makers who have been invited along to the Crafted with Joy experience to share their love for what they do.

This vibrant spirit of Jamaica is also captured in the full-bodied, rich flavour of the Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old. A testament to the craft of the Estate – which has been producing its rum for over 265 years – this blend is made from hand-selected, rare, golden rums that have been aged for a minimum of 12 years. This results in a smooth, yet complex taste with a bouquet that bursts with fruity and cocoa notes, followed by delicate molasses, vibrant citrus and hints of coffee. It’s ideal for sipping on its own and the perfect partner at parties, where it sings through elevated, elegant cocktails.

The Crafted with Joy Artisans

Cocktail Mixing Spoon Forging with Blenheim Forge
Blenheim Forge Steel Workshop, Peckham, Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 October, 7pm – 9pm
Blade-smiths Jon Warshawsky, James Ross-Harris and Richard Warner are based at Blenheim Forge, Peckham. They, like Appleton Estate, know it takes time when creating something unique and refined. At their Crafted with Joy workshop, they’ll be putting down the knives they’re famous for to teach you how to forge your own personalised cocktail mixing spoon, the perfect tool with which to mix an Appleton Estate cocktail.

Candle-Making with Earl of East London
Bonds, Hackney, Wednesday 31 October, 7pm – 9pm
Founders of Earl of East London, Niko Dafkos and Paul Firmin, understand all about the artistry of the blend when it comes to their multi-sensorial candles. It falls somewhere between art and science and, at their London Fields workshop, you’ll get to see for yourself as you make a hand-poured, scented candle bursting with the flavours and aromas of Appleton Estate. Expect heady aromas of coffee, brown sugar, vanilla and almond with a lively citrus top note. To perfectly complement this sensory experience, you’ll sip Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old. As you move through the session, you’ll start to understand the tasting notes of the rum, before learning to blend an Appleton Estate cocktail to enjoy.

Wood Carving with Grain & Knot
Benk + Bo, Spitalfields, Wednesday 07 November, 7pm – 10pm
Woodcarver Sophie Sellu makes objects that are both beautiful and practical, like the rums crafted at the Appleton Estate. Attend this workshop and you’ll make your own chopping board, ideal for preparing the perfect garnish when you’re recreating the Appleton Estate cocktail experience at home.

All of the sessions will be hosted by Joe St Clair Ford and the Rum Boss – Lawrence Gregory himself. Together you’ll enjoy a warm Appleton Estate welcome, followed by the craft workshop and a brief introduction to Jamaican rum, where you’ll learn about the rum’s refined qualities as a sipping spirit finishing up with a masterclass on how to make a delicious cocktail.

Tickets are £35 and include a welcome (or post-workshop) cocktail, rum cocktail masterclass, the craft workshop and a Crafted with Joy take-home tasting kit. Tickets can be booked in advance here: