AirFly Pro – connect wireless headphones to wired headphone jacks
AirFly Pro – connect wireless headphones to wired headphone jacks

New AirFly Pro, available now from Apple stores, connects two headphones, has a 16+ hour battery life and can also be used as an AUX IN adapter

Following on from its success with the AirFly, Twelve South today announces the AirFly Pro – a Bluetooth adaptor that allows wireless headphones to be used in situations where only wired headphone jacks are available. AirFly Pro becomes the first and only Bluetooth adaptor for wireless headphones (including Bose, Sony, AirPods and Beats) at Apple stores.

 Having incompatible wireless headphones and earbuds on the plane or in the gym is now a thing of the past. AirFly Pro transforms the headphone jack, allowing up-to two users to easily connect their wireless headphones via Bluetooth, to the media system whilst flying or working out on a treadmill.

New for AirFly Pro:

•    Share audio with two people using any brand of wireless headphones or earbuds

•    Use as an AUX IN adapter for a car, boat or non-Bluetooth speaker

•    Built-in battery lasts 16+ hours and recharges via standard USB-C

AirFly Pro is a must-have travel accessory meaning users don’t have to choose between their ultra-quiet headphones and in-flight entertainment. With AirFly Pro, they can connect to and enjoy both.


With the flip of a switch, users can also send music or directions wirelessly from an iPhone or smartphone to a car’s AUX IN – making an old stereo system Bluetooth compatible.  Users can also enjoy the AirFly Pro with gaming devices such as the Nintendo Switch, allowing them to play with others.


AirFly Pro is now available exclusively at all Apple stores worldwide and online at for £49.99.